Muir Woods National Monument

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Caddo Lake State Park

The incredibly beautiful and mystical Caddo Lake State Park in far East Texas.


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Sierra del Carmen Mountains

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On the Mexico side of the Rio Grande are theĀ  Sierra del Carmen Mountains. Stunning!

Big Bend National Park


Looking through “The Window” from the Chisos Mountains Basin.

The Chisos Mountains at Big Bend National Park


The Rio Grande River with Mexico on the left and the United States on the right.

Big Bend National Park


The Big Tree

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I’m a Texan, and as you know, everything is bigger in Texas…except the trees! I have been to this tree many times and every time I am more amazed than the time before. It is a sight to behold. The Big Tree is 304′ tall, 21.6′ in diameter, and estimated to be 1500 years old. It’s still here by the grace of God and I’m certain a lot of those wonderful tree huggers! My parents went with us on this trip and I’m so very happy they got to see the fabulous Big Tree.